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Registration & Waiver
The new hiking season begins in September and your dues of $10.00 became due.

Under the newly approved By-Laws and SOPs, hikers must be in good standing with the club, dues paid - if they plan to hike, attend picnics, attend out of town club sponsored functions, and to continue to receive the club emails.

We must have these two forms below on file for each person. If you have not already done so, please remit your dues, now $10.00, the registration form and the wavier to: Dennis Zigmunt, PCHC Treasurer, 16074 W. Roanoke Ave., Goodyear, AZ 85395.  Please make checks payable to PCHC

Registration form Word (.doc) Adobe PDF (.pdf)
"No Blame" Waiver form    Word (.doc) Adobe PDF (.pdf)

By-Laws & SOPs
By-Laws, November 2017 Word (.docx) Adobe (.pdf)
Standard Operating Procedures (Revised Feb. 2019 Word (.docx) Adobe (.pdf)

Club Documents and Information Files
Hiking Club Flyer Word (.doc) Adobe (.pdf)
Hike Leader Worksheet/Incident Report Word (.doc) Adobe (.pdf)
Hike Leaders & Sweeps Guide Word (.doc) Adobe (.pdf)
Hike Leader Worksheet/Incident Report
for Electronic Submission
Excel (.xlsx)  
Driver Compensation Word (.doc) Adobe (.pdf)
Master Medical Kits  (Revised December 2018) Word (.docx) Adobe (.pdf)
Exploratory & Pre-Hikes   Word (.doc) Adobe (.pdf)
Exploratory Hike Signup Sheet Word (.doc) Adobe (.pdf)
Mandatory Items for Hiking  (Revised December 2018) Word (.doc) Adobe (.pdf)
Recommended Items for Hiking Word (.doc) Adobe (.pdf)
Overnight Trips Hike Requirements Word (.doc) Adobe (.pdf)
File of Life (To carry in your backback) Word (.doc) Adobe (.pdf)
Wally Chute's Hike Preparation Book Word (.doc) Adobe (.pdf)
PHEW - Plan, Health, Equipment, Weather Word (.doc) Adobe (.pdf)
Introductory Hikes  (Revised Sep 12, 2018) Word (.doc) Adobe (.pdf)
Hiking in Elevated Temperatures Word (.doc) Adobe (.pdf)
Fluids & Electrolytes      Adobe (.pdf)
Arizona Geology, by Jan Sherwood
(Very large files !)
PowerPoint (.ppt) Adobe (.pdf)

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