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  Q: How much does it cost to join the Hiking Club ?
  A: Dues are $5 per person for the year, which begins in September.
  Q:When are meetings held ?
  A: On the third Thursday of each month - September through April - 7 PM, Tuscany Falls Clubhouse Ballroom.
  Q: When are the hikes ?
  A: Late September to early May: "B" rated hikes on Thursdays and Fridays; "C" rated hikes on Wednesdays and Fridays, plus the first Tuesday of the month and the middle Saturday of the month. From May until mid September there is an exploratory B/C hike on Monday and Thursday.
  Q: How often do I have to hike ?
  A: Only when you want to. Members are expected to attend meetings and participate in some manner.
  Q: What do I have to do for my first hike ?
  A:Before attending a "B" or "C" hike, your must take an "Orientation" hike. Bring these items.
  Q: When can I take an Orientation Hike ?

These are held from mid September to mid April. Meet at the Eagles Nest Clubhouse library at 7:45m for a brief meeting before leaving for the trail head. Please contact Neal Wring (609-440-6608) as the contact at for email.

  Q: How do I arrange to go on a hike ?
  A: Just come to the Eagles Nest clubhouse at the appointed time on the day of the hike. No pre-registration is necesary. You may call the listed hike leader with any questions beforehand
  Q: How do I learn about the details of a particular hike ?
  A: The schedules for the season contain a brief description of the hike, its length, and elevation. Also, a list of more detailed hike descriptions is emailed to members for each month. That list is available on this website, and noted at the "Upcoming Hikes" entries on the Home Page.
  Q: How do I get to the trail ?
  A: All hike groups meet at the Eagles Nest Clubhouse and carpool to the trails.
  Q: Who pays for gas ?
  A: A defined formula determines the recommended donation each passenger contributes to the driver; based on the distance to the trailhead, the week's price of gasoline, and any entrance fees.

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