Welcome to the 2017-2018 Hike Season

The PebbleCreek Hiking Club has been established to provide PebbleCreek residents with the opportunity to enjoy recreational hiking in an organized, safe and social environment.

Eight hikes are conducted each week for multiple levels of ability.

The least strenuous hikes are "D" level, held on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Additional hikes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays are at "C" level; and Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays at "B" level. See our Ratings page for full description of the various levels.

Membership dues are now $10.00 per member. Each member must submit a new registration form along with their dues payment. This is an annual requirement. Checks should be made payable to: PCHC.   Dues may be paid at the club's monthly meetings.  They also may be sent to:  Sandy Mednick, PCHC Treasurer, 2377 N. 165th Dr., Goodyear, AZ 85395

Completion of a walk and an orientation hike are required prior to becoming members.  See Introductory Hikes for more information.  Once completed, new members need to submit their registration form and dues.  For more information on the club's membership requirements, please contact Dana Thomas, PCHC President, at 907-590-4425

2017-2018 Hike Schedules

Monday "B"
Thursday B"
Friday "B"
Monday "C"
Wednesday "C"
Friday "C"
Tuesday "D"
Thursday "D"

January 2018 Hike Descriptions

Monday "B"
Thursday "B"
Friday "B"
Monday "C"
Wednesday "C"
Friday "C"
Tuesday "D"
Thursday "D"


The Hike Meet Location has Changed

We have changed where we sign-in/meet/depart on hikes.  We now sign-in/meet/depart in the area next to the ballroom (where we store the Spots/Med kits/Walkie-Talkies) at Eagles Nest.  You can come through the same main door but go right, down the hall to the Ballroom lobby.

Registration, Waiver, Documents
Please visit the Documents page for Club registration and waiver forms, our Standard Operating Procedures, and numerous other informative documments


Hackberry Springs

Hackberry Springs



Dec 8

Photo: Lynn Warren

Crosscut Rail


Crosscut Trail


Nov 7

Photo: Lynn Warren

Wilson Mountain

Wilson Mountain

Dec 1

Photo: Lynn Warren



Zion Hikers

November 2018

Photo: Lynn Warren



Art Arner 2000 Miles

Dana Thomas 1000 Miles

Nov 10

Photo: Lynn Warren

Spring Picnic 2017
2017 Spring Picnic

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The PebbleCreek Hiking Club is a PCHOA approved organization


Meeting This Week
Thursday - January 18 - 7 PM
Eagles Nest Ballroom this month!

Agenda      November Minutes

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January Hikes
Meet 7:15 Leave 7:30

Thursday January 18 - "B+"
6 miles, 2550 feet
Quartz Peak
Sierra Estrella Wilderness

Thursday January 18 - "D"
4.2 miles, 500 feet
Cottonwood / Pipeline / Yavapai Point
Lake Pleasant Park

Friday January 19 - "B"
8+ miles, 1000 feet
Red Top Mtn Trail A

Friday January 19 - "C"
7.5 miles, 970 feet
Red Top Mtn Trail A

Monday January 22 - "B"
8 to 10 miles, 1500 feet
Palo Verde Trail
Bartlett Reservoir

Monday January 22 - "C+"
7.5 miles, 1500 feet
Palo Verde Trail
Bartlett Reservoir

Tuesday January 23 - "D"
4 miles, 400 feet
Maricopa Trail
Lake Pleasant

Wednesday January 24 - "C+"
6.miles, 1300 feet
Union Hills Loop
Phoenix Sonoran Preserve

Thursday January 25 - "B"
10.6 miles, 2100 feet
Marcus Landslide / East End / Tom's Thumb
McDowell Sonoran Preserve

Thursday January 25 - "D"
4.2 miles, 400 feet
Valle Verde / Desert Tortoise
Phoenix Sonoran Preserve

Friday January 26 - "B"
7.5 miles, 1000 feet
Saddle Mtn Adventure

Friday January 26 - "C"
6.6 miles, 1140 feet
Cholla / Arrowhead Point
Thunderbird Park Glendale

Monday January 29 - "B"
9.2 miles, 1300 feet
South of the Border / Petroglyphs

Monday January 29 - "C"
7 miles, 1000 feet
South of the Border / Petroglyphs

Tuesday January 30 - "D"
4 to 4.5 miles, 400 feet
Walking Jim Trail
Hells Canyon Wilderness

Wednesday January 31 - "C"
7.7miles, 600 feet
Pass Mountain Trail
Usery Mtn Park

Additional Information
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Hike Location Photos

The Club maintains an extensive photo collection of previous hikes at SmugMug, where you can check out all the Photo Galleries. (Password required, ask an officer)

The Monthly Hike Descriptions and the calendar listings often have a link to photos of that location.