Welcome to the 2018-2019 Hike Season

The PebbleCreek Hiking Club has been established to provide PebbleCreek residents with the opportunity to enjoy recreational hiking in an organized, safe and social environment.

B hike season schedules are: Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays

C hike season schedules are: Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays

D hikes are held on: Tuesdays and Thursdays for the season

February 2019 Hike Descriptions

Monday "B"
Thursday "B"
Friday "B"
Monday "C"
Wedn. "C"
Friday "C"
Saturday "C"
Tuesday "D"
Thursday "D"

Membership dues are now $10.00 per member. Each member must submit a new registration form along with their dues payment. This is an annual requirement. Checks should be made payable to: PCHC.   Dues may be paid at the club's monthly meetings.  They also may be sent to:  Dennis Zigmunt, PCHC Treasurer, 16074 W. Roanoke Ave., Goodyear, AZ 85395

Completion of a walk and an orientation hike are required prior to becoming members.  See Introductory Hikes for more information.  Once completed, new members need to submit their registration form and dues.  For more information on the club's membership requirements, please contact Dana Thomas, PCHC President, at 907-590-4425

Election of Officers to be held at the MaArch meeting

Each year, at the March club meeting, we elect two officers for two year terms.  The positions up for election (or re-election) are President and Secretary.  Both incumbents are eligible for another term, if they offer to run for re-election. 

In addition, Mark Frumkin, our Vice President, is resigning his position for medical reasons, so we need to elect a replacement to finish Mark’s term which will end in March 2020.

The Nominations Committee, consisting of Beverly Kim, Jim Gillespie, and myself, are looking for volunteers to run for these offices.  As you may know, our club functions well because we have many volunteers who give their time to bring us all a quality hiking experience.

Please contact Bev, Jim or me if you wish to volunteer to be nominated for election to any of these three positions.

Thanks, Dennis Zigmunt, Treasurer - PC Hiking Club

Spring Trip:  DEATH VALLEY, Pahrump, NV - February 26 to March 1, 2019

Roger and Carol Sanders are coordinating this year 's Spring Hiking Trip. The trip is a  3-night trip to Death Valley and Pahrump, NV, February 26, 27, 28, 2019 returning Mar. 1.  Hikes will be planned for all 3 levels on February 27 & 28, leaving the hotel first thing each morning.  We will also attempt to plan hikes on our trip to Pahrump, Tuesday, Feb. 26,  and on our return home, Friday, March 1.  For the non-hikers, there are lots of interesting things to see and do.  
If you are interested in going on this trip, please email with your hike level.

At this time we have to cut off accepting any new sign ups for the C/C+ and D hiking groups.  We are limited, especially in Death Valley National Park, on the number of hikers in our groups.

Club requirements for the Spring trip are:  a total of 10 hikes at the level at which you intend to hike from the beginning of the 2018-2019 hiking season (which started September 24, 2018),  but 3 of these 10 hikes must be completed between January 25 and February 25, 2019.

Accommodations:   Holiday Inn An Suites, 861 South Hwy 160, Pahrump, NV.
Make reservations by calling direct:  775/727-9100, and providing the Pebblecreek Hiking Club code:  PCH.

Awards Patches 

Patches Awards patches for achievement of hundreds of hikes or thousands of miles are available for purchase by ordering them at Hiking Club meetings. If you can’t attend a meeting and want to order a patch, contact Dennis Zigmunt, 623-237-1077, or

Please choose one of the top two patches, either Boots or Club Logo design, and Large (3 1/2”), or Small (2 3/4”) size. Call or email Dennis with your selection. If you want one of the other patches, call Dennis to discuss.

Orders will be placed for embroidery after the meeting, and should be available in a week or two. Payment to be made on pick up of the patches.


Registration, Waiver, Documents

Please visit the Documents page for Club registration and waiver forms, our Standard Operating Procedures, and numerous other informative documments.

Recently Revised Documents - December 2018

Master Medical Kits  (Revised December 2018) Word (.docx) Adobe (.pdf)
Mandatory Items for Hiking  (Revised December 2018) Word (.doc) Adobe (.pdf)



Flatiron Trail


Lost Dutchman Park

January 10

Photo: Lynn Warren

Gillespie 3000 Miles

Black Canyon Trail


Jim Gillspie Hikes 3,000 Miles

January 2

Photo:Lynn Warren



Estrella Mtn Park

December 27

Photo: Doug Jamiolkowski

Lynn 8000 Miles


Lynn Warren Hikes 8,000 Miles

December 10

Photo:Lynn Warren

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The PebbleCreek Hiking Club is a PCHOA approved organization

Upcoming Events

Next Meeting
Thursday - February 21 - 7 PM
Usually in Tuscany Falls Ballroom

Follow Blue Links to SmugMug photos

February Hikes
Meet at 7:00, Leave at 7:15

Thursday February 14 - "B"
9 miles, 2000 feet
Holbert / National / Kiwanis / Los Lomitas / Box Canyon

Thursday February 14 - "D"
Rescheduled to February 16
4.2 miles, 250 feet

Sonoran Competitive Loop
White Tank Park

Friday February 15 - "B-"
9 miles, 1100 feet
Elliott Trail Head Loop
Estrella Foorhills Park

Friday February 15 - "C"
7 miles, 900 feet
Ford Canyon to the dam
White Tank Mountains

Saturday February 16 - "C"
7.6 miles, 900 feet
Butterfield / Gadsden Loop
Estrella Mountains

Saturday February 16 - "D"
Rescheduled from February 14
4.2 miles, 250 feet

Sonoran Competitive Loop
White Tank Park

Monday February 18 - "B"
11.5 miles, 1000 feet
La Barge Canyon Loop
Superstition Mtns

Monday February 18 - "C"
8 miles, 900 feet FROM FEB 6
Hackberry Springs from Needle Vista TH
Superstition Mtns

Tuesday February 19 - "D/D+"
4.7 to 5.4 miles, 350 feet
Dog Bone Central Loop
Dog Bone Wilderness Area

Wednesday February 20
Trail Maintenance by the Club
Mesquite Trail
White Tank Mtn Park

Wednesday February 20 - "C"
5.8 miles, 900 feet
Turnbuckle / Granite Falls / Chuckwalla
Skyline Reg. Park

Thursday February 21 - "B"
8.5 miles, 2450 feet
Goat Camp / South / Cell Towers
White Tank Mountains

Thursday February 21 - "D"
3.8 miles, 600 feet
Quartz Mine / Lost Creek / Mtn Wash
Skyline Park

Friday February 22 - "B"
10.7 miles, 1150 feet
Ben Arery / Double Arch Loop/
Eagletail Mountains

Friday February 22 - "C"
6 miles, 700 feet
Go John / Quartz / Flat Rock / Slate
Cave Creek Rec. Aera

Saturday February 23 - "C"
7 miles, 700 feet
Dog Bone West Loopt

Monday February 25 - "B"
7 to 8+ miles, 1300 to 1600 feet
Windgate Pass / Gateway
McDwoell Sonoran Preseerve

Monday February 25 - "C"
8 miles, 900 feet
Walking Jim Tail
Hell's Canyon Wilderness

Tuesday February 26 - "D"

Wednesday February 27 - "C"

Thursday February 28 - "B"
8.7 miles, 1490 feet
Mesquite / Ford / Willow Springs
White Tank Mountains

Thursday February 28 - "D"

Additional Information
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The Club maintains an extensive photo collection of previous hikes at SmugMug, where you can check out all the Photo Galleries. (Password required, ask an officer)

The Monthly Hike Descriptions and the calendar listings often have a link to photos of that location.