Welcome to the 2016-2017 Hike Season

The PebbleCreek Hiking Club has been established to provide PebbleCreek residents with the opportunity to enjoy recreational hiking in an organized, safe and social environment.

Eight hikes are conducted each week for multiple levels of ability. The least strenuous hikes are "D" level, held on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Most hikers will fall in the "C" group, and three hikes per week are held at this level, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. More strenuous and lengthy hikes - "B" level and an occasional "A" level - are held on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. See our Ratings page for full description of the various levels. We truly have events for EVERY caliber of hiker!

New for this season, we have added "D" level hikes on Tuesdays, as well as Thursdays. These hikes are only 3 to 4 miles in length, with an elevation change of less than 500 feet - geared to those hikers who wish to participate but at a less strenuous level.

Membership dues are now $10.00 per member. Each member must submit a new registration form along with their dues payment. This is an annual requirement. Checks should be made payable to: PCHC.   Dues may be paid at the club's monthly meetings.  They also may be sent to:  Sandy Mednick, PCHC Treasurer, 2377 N. 165th Dr., Goodyear, AZ 85395

Completion of a walk and an orientation hike are required prior to becoming members.  See Introductory Hikes for more information.  Once completed, new members need to submit their registration form and dues.  For more information on the club's membership requirements, please contact Pete Williams, PCHC President, at 623-444-8052.


Schedules for the 2016-2017 Season
Monday "B"
Thursday "B"
Friday "B"
Monday "C"
Wednesday "C"
Friday "C"
Tuesday "D"
Thursday "D"

April-May 2017 Hike Descriptions

Monday "B"
Thursday "B"
Friday "B"
Monday "C"
Wednesday "C"
Friday "C"
Tuesday "D"
Thursday "D"


NEW DOCUMENT POSTED - March 15, 2017

Please review Master Medical Kits - also posted on the Documents page


As a reminder, the club is having a pot luck dinner and picnic on Thursday, April 20th at Sunrise Park starting at 4PM.   We will have a 50 / 50 cash raffle and a photo book raffle.  Non hiking guests and spouses are welcome.  You need to bring an entrée, desert, or side dish.  The club will provide water and soft drinks.  Also, you may want to bring lawn chairs.   

We already have enough individuals for (a) bringing tables, (b) bringing ice chests, (c) the setup crew, and (d) the clean up crew.  See the first two attached documents for who volunteered for the above.  However, we do need one individual to bring ten bags of ice vs. having individuals bring a bag with their cooler.  Any volunteers?    Please let me know if you wish to attend, but have not yet signed up (# of people & if you are bringing an entrée, desert, or side dish.  Attached, is a list of individuals who already signed up for the event. 

Please be at the park by 3 PM if you are bringing tables, ice chests, the 10 bags of ice, or if you are part of the set up crew.

Mark Frumkin

Registration, Waiver, Documents
Please visit the Documents page for Club registration and waiver forms, our Standard Operating Procedures, and numerous other informative documments


Skyline Park


Skyline Park

Mar 10

Photo: Pete Williams

White Tank Park

White Tank Park


Mar 9

Photo: Doug Jamiolkowski

Gary Bray Saddle Mtn

Gary Bray Hikes 1609 kilometers



Saddle Mtn Tonopah

Feb 24

Photo: Lynn Warren

Spring Picnic 2016
Spring Picnic 2016

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The PebbleCreek Hiking Club is a PCHOA approved organization


Next Meeting
Thursday - April 20- 7 PM
TF Ballroom

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March Hikes
Meet 6:45 Leave 7:00
Crosstown Hikes

Meet 6:15 Leave 6:30

Thursday March 30 - "B"
10 miles, 1000 feet
Go John to Maricopa Trail
Cave Creek Rec. Area

Thursday March 30 - "D"
4.5 miles, 500 feet
Mountain Wash / Turnbuckle / (Valley Vista optional)
Skyline Park

Friday March 31 -"B"
9.3 miles, 1940 feet
Circumference / Piestawa Peek Summit
Piestawa Peak

Friday March 31 -"C"
4.7 miles, 1240 feet
Circumference / Piestawa Peek Summit
Piestawa Peak

April Hikes
Meet 6:15 Leave 6:30
Crosstown Hikes

Meet 5:45 Leave 6:00

Monday April 3 - "B"
9 miles, 1860 feet
Bajada / National / Alta Trails
South Mountain

Monday April 3 - "C+"
5 miles, 1230 feet
Sunrise Mountain Trail

Tuesday April 4 - "D"
5 miles, 500 feet
Lost Creek / Old Road / Quartz Mine
Skyline Verrado

Wednesday April 5 - "C"
7.4 miles, 600 feet

Walking Jim North
Hells Canyon Wilderness

Thursday April 6 - "B"
7.5 miles, 850 feet
Joshua Tree North Monolith
Highway 93

Thursday April 6 - "D/D+"
4.2-5.5 miles, 250 feet
Sonoran Competitive Loop
White Tank Park

Friday April 7 -"B-"
7.5 miles, 850 feet
Joshua Tree Monolith
Highway 93

Friday April 7 -"C"
6.8 miles, 850 feet
Joshua Tree Monolith
Highway 93

Monday April 10 - "B/C"
7+ miles, 900 feet
Hackberry Springs Loop

Monday April 10 - "C"
6.4 miles, 800 feet
Rainbow Valley / Toothaker
Estrella Mtns

Tuesday April 11 - "D"
4 miles, 400 feet
Baseline / Quail loop
Estrella Mtns

Wednesday April 12 - "C"
7 miles, 1000 feet

Watson Lake Loop Trail
Thursday April 13 - "C+"
6 to 7.5 miles, 1000 to 1200 feet

Wolf Creek Falls Trail

Thursday April 13 - "B"
8.5 miles, 2450 feet
Goat Camp / South / Cell Towers
White Tank Mtns

Thursday April 13 - "D"
4 miles, 400 feet
Go John / Quartz / Slate / Jasper
Cave Creek Recreation Area

Friday April 14 -"B-/C+"
8 miles, 700 feet
Black Canyon Trail / Table Mesa loop
Table Top Mesa

Friday April 14 -"C+"
8 miles, 700 feet
Black Canyon Trail / Table Mesa loop
Table Top Mesa

Monday April 17 - "B"
8.3 miles, 1800 feet
Granite Mtn #261

Monday April 17 - "C"
7.6 miles, 600 feet
San Tan and Gold Mine trails
San Tan Park

Tuesday April 18 - "D"
4.2 miles, 400 feet
Bootlegger / Granite Mtn / Black Hills / Turpentine (MSP)
McDowell Sonoran Preserve

Wednesday April 19 - "C+"
5+ miles, 1200 feet

Red Picacho Trail
Castle Hot Springs

Thursday April 20 - "B"
11.5 miles, 2400 feet
Quartz Mine / Mountain Wash / Turnbuckle / Granite Falls / Chichwalla
Skyline Park

Thursday April 20 - "D"
4.1miles, 560 feet
Deem Hills Inner Circumference
Deem Hills Park

Friday April 21 -"B"
2380 feet
Picacho Peak
Picacho State Park

Friday April 21 -"C"
7.5 miles, 740 feet
Marcus Landslide / Rock Knob loop
McDowell Sonoran Preserve

Monday April 24 - "B/C"
5 miles, 1000 feet
Sunrise Mtn
4.6 miles, 1200 feet
West Wing Mtn

Monday April 24 - "C"
7.3 miles, 1000 feet
Spur Cross Loop
Cave Creek

Tuesday April 25 - "D"
4 miles, 300 feet
Ranger / Bajada / Max Delta / Tusk / Crosscut Loop
South Mountain

Wednesday April 26 - "C"
7 miles, 600 feet

Sonoran Loop and
Competitive Track
White Tanks Mtns

Thursday April 27 - "B"
5.2 miles, 2200 feet
Picketpost Mtn Summit

Thursday April 27 - "D"
4.5 miles
Brown Ranch Rd / Corral / Dry Gulch / Cholla Mtn Loop / Maverick (MSP)

Friday April 28 -"B"
7.5 - 8.5 miles, 700 - 1000 feet
Little Horse / Broken Arrow

Friday April 28 -"C/C+"
.5 - 8.5 miles, 700 - 1000 feet
Little Horse / Broken Arrow

Monday May 1 - "A"
20 miles, OPTION 1
Mule Deer / Ford Canyon / Willow Springs / Mequite / Goat Camp / South /Mule Deer
20 miles, OPTION 2
Raven Rd / Caterpillar Hill / Raven Rd / Rookie Run / Lost Creek / Mountain Wash / Turnbuckle / Valley Vista / Turnbuckle / First Parking Lot /Mountain Wash / Lost Creek / Rookie Run
White Tanks

Monday May 1 - "C"
7 miles, 600 feet
Escondido Arch

Tuesday May 2 - "D"
3.7 miles, 430 feet
Skyline Segment BCT
Black Canyon Exit 242

Wednesday May 3 - "C"
6-7 miles, 750 feet

Saguaro Nature Trail
Saguaro Lake

Thursday May 4 - "B"
10 miles, 1250 feet
Rainbow Valley / Toothaker / Gadsden / Butterfield
Estrella Mtns

Thursday May 4 - "D+"
5 miles, 600 feet
Fat Man's Pass from the west
South Mountain

Friday May 5 -"B"
8 miles, 2400 feet
Bear Mtn / Doe Mesa

Friday May 5 -"C"
5.6 miles, 800 feet
Wild Burro / Pipepline to bridge
Lake Pleasant

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